Best Books to Read

Reading is something that is incredibly personal. Your choices about which book you choose to read are your own. However there are some books which should be on everyone’s list. These are the classics. They expand your mind and for many readers these are the page turners that have set them on the path of loving the imagination and wonder of some of the best authors in the world.

So if you’re looking for the best books to read what are the titles that you should put on your reading list?

#1 Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland.

A great exploration of the imagination and a book that brings the value of pride, love and the imagination into start contrast with modern day ideals. This is a novel that works on a number of levels.

#2 The Hobbit.

An introduction into a magical world. A world that pits good and evil against each other and where good prevails – this is a great introduction to the more complex ideas that are explored in The Lord of the Rings. A fabulous bedtime story option for the slightly older child. The man was a master and many more modern fantasy authors owe a lot to him. Warcraft anyone?

#3 The Stand.

A post apocalyptic novel that explores the nature of good and evil and how attractive it it would be to explore the darker side of human nature. This is arguably one of Stephen King’s most well structured novels. It set in place many of his subsequent books such as the Dark Tower series. For lovers of the genre this is simply the best – no one has matched it yet.

Books are a personal choice. It is incredibly difficult to recommend choices based on one’s own taste – the only guiding principle should be – if you lie an author, read more. There is no thing such thing as a list of the ‘best books to read’, read and enjoy – explore and enjoy.

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